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I come here every morning just for the Halwa Puri . It's a unique flavor that I can't find anywhere else.





We are fans.  Finally NJ has a place for authentic halal food from Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh). Just like the various cab driver friendly places in NYC.

The restaurant is large. A sitting area in front and a larger  backroom. They have lunch buffet all 7 days. The buffet was $10. A steal.

They have a large selection of goods for takeout. The selection is diverse with signage explaining what they are.

There was a large crowd on Sunday. Plays of families chowing down on the buffet. The service was overwhelmed. Being new this would be the case. Pretty sure as time goes by they will be prepared for its popularity.

Finally a restaurant that serves ethnic food right. Best of luck to them.


-A "khivi" K.
Clifton, NJ



Not since I came to the US have I experienced such exquisite Indian and Pakistani food. It's like being back home in my favorite restaurant.. 


-Al Mohammud

Chef's Specialties

We Offer Clifton’s Widest selection of fine foods ranging from  Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Arabic and South Asian Cuisines! Our food’s quality is top notch while prices are extremely reasonable.  Stop by and enjoy Lunch buffet 7 days a week.

​We are proud to serve 100% Halal food.

Chicken Chilli

It doesn't get much spicier than jalapenos! This dish won't disappoint.


Goat Curry

Goat slow cooked for hours in different spices.


This dish is slow cooked for seven to eight hours, which results in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavors of spices, meat, barley and wheat. (Friday, Sat and Sunday only)


Behari Kabab

Bihari kabab is made with meat chunks and BBQ on the Lava Rocks

Halwa Puri
Now available everyday for

$ 8.99 only.